Our Direct Mail Marketing Services Allow You To Connect With Your Market At Their Doorstep.


When you want to deliver your message directly to your customers, using our direct mail marketing services will make this easier than ever. We have an entire team dedicated to our mailing services, with years of experience to manage your campaign. Blue Velocity will work with you and help you design your mailer, then we will print the product so that you don’t have to deal with printing services, picking it up, and storing until delivery. Speaking of delivery, we can handle that too!

The Process 

The steps that need to be taken to create a direct mail marketing campaign are very similar to the process for our email campaigns. If you have the infrastructure and capacity to handle your own direct mail marketing campaign we would be glad to hand the reins to you. However we offer a full service option for businesses that don’t have the tools in place.

Target your Market- You know who you want to reach and we can help you find those people with our precision databases.

Create your Mailer- Send us your design or thoughts and our team can help you create the perfect mailer for your purposes and market.

Print your Mailer- Let us deal with the printing process for you, we have relationships and rates set up with local printing companies.

Mail your Message- Our team has streamlined the shipping process so we get your message out faster. No need to worry about forgetting stamps.

Grow your Business- Reap the benefits of a well planed and executed Direct Mail Marketing Campaign.