What is SEO? 

Blue Velocity SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimization is important for any company with a presence on the web. Getting your name out to the world when there are 400 million other search results competing for recognition at the time time is a daunting task. Here at Blue Velocity we understand that struggle. As a start up company we had to make our own way in this business by carefully bolstering our SEO, ideas, and tools to gain recognition and business. Even taking a few simple steps can help optimize your results, and using our SEO services can be a great place to start. 

Indexing your website

by indexing your website you make it easier for the search engines to read and learn your website. this is a benefit for you because it means your page can be found easier when a relevant search is keyed.

Keyword Planning

keywords are the terms with which people search the internet. By planning the search terms, or keywords, your site and pages are found under you can drive traffic to your site more effectively.